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The POIEX/HACEX System lineup includes two types of surface texture, two types of tip shape and also three types of collar. It is an all-around system that can be used in a great variety of cases.

History of Dental Implant System

Photo:History of Dental Implant System

Fixture Specification

Taper Type

Taper type fixture is used for cases when there is only a relatively small space to adjacent roots or when the alveolar bone is narrow. It also allows easier angled insertion which prevents perforation to the alveolar bone wall. The tip of the fixture has a thinner inner diameter with higher threads so it is ideal for soft bone, front teeth and extraction sockets.

Straight Type

The straight type fixture is recommended for standard cases including hard bone, and normal bone density at the apical area

Anode Oxidizing (POIEX)

POIEX has an oxidizing layer of 135 to 140nm on its surface, and its color offers aesthetic harmony with the intraoral environment.

HA Coating (HACEX)

Since HA is achieved with the conventional plasma spraying process at the extremely high temperature of 10,000 degrees C or more, the flame spraying process that apatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2] provides, which can be sprayed under the relatively mild condition of 3,000 degrees C, is adopted for HACEX.

IMPLANTOR Neo Black LED / iSD900


Photo:IMPLANTOR Neo Black

The IMPLANTOR Neo Black offers the sharpness and brightness that medical professionals demand. The improved handpiece and LED light make surgery easier. Multifunctionality and simplicity integrated into one unit make it ideal for dental implant treatment.



The Cordless Prosthodontic Screwdriver iSD900 works for attachment and detachment of cover caps, healing caps, and abutments after placement of fixture. iSD900 provides convenience and safety to dentists. By shortening surgical time up to 50% and expanding the surgical field, iSD900 drastically reduces time and processes.


We sell the BOSTOME series of surgical instruments to support a wide variety of cases and procedures.

Photo:BOSTOME series
Training Program for the patient

We have prepared a great variety of training programs.