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Medical (Orthopaedic)

Utilizing the highly biocompatible characteristics of fine ceramics and titanium alloy, KYOCERA Medical Corporation has contributed a wide range of products such as artificial joints and bones to the field of orthopaedic medicine. These products, and the technologies behind them, have helped to restore physiological functions to many people; thus receiving high appraisal from medical authorities, and garnering attention in Japan and throughout the world. KYOCERA Medical Corporation will continue to concentrate its efforts on technical advancements to offer superior products and services, striving to make great contributions to human health.

The products described hereafter are currently concentrated for sale in Japan.

Kyocera PerFix Total Hip System 910 Series

This product series is designed based on our vast experience with press-fit hip joints and analysis of Oriental anatomical features of the femur. A PROARC® HA surface treatment is utilized for cementless types, promoting early fixation to living bone.

AHFIX® Q System

This product is developed with Alkaline Heating (AHFIX®) technology, a surface treatment technology which can attach bioactive substance to a titanium metal. Titanium metal, covered by thin oxidized layers, is chemically stable making it suitable to be widely used as biomaterial for artificial joints.

K-MAX Q HIP System

This product is made of vanadium-free titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-2Nb-1Ta-0.8Mo) for heat resistance and high strength. A plasma sprayed porous layer, which is coated with AW glass ceramics, promotes early fixation to living bone.


This product is made of vanadium-free titanium alloy (Ti-15Mo-5Zr-3Al) for high strength, achieving a reduction in the diameter of the stem neck. Furthermore, it decreases the impingement between the stem neck and the cup, and increases range of motion. The design of this product is based on Charnley's stem and is arranged to be fitted to the Oriental femur.


The Polyethylene Socket is a bearing material used with a femoral head. We offer a variety of types available for different clinical cases and procedures. The material is ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), and x-ray irradiated highly cross-linked UHMWPE is also available.


This semi-spherical cup for total hip replacement is made of titanium alloy, and its entire circumference surface is processed with PROARC® HA. The liner can be selected from two types depending on the femoral head size; one standard type and the other a special type with a lip to prevent dislocation.

Alumina Ball

The high friction- and wear-resistant characteristics of alumina materials help reinforce durability. The neck length can be adjusted by the femoral head.


Bioceram® AZ209 is Zirconia Toughened Alumina, an alumina material for rotating parts of artificial joints developed by KYOCERA Medical Corporation based on the accumulated knowledge of alumina and zirconia both in-vivo and in-vitro. It features superb mechanical characteristics and long-term stability in the body.

Ceramic Outer Head

The outer head of the bipolar type for hip replacement is made of alumina, which possesses characteristics enabling precise machining and polishing. With excellent biocompatibility, abrasion of acetabular cartilage is reduced.

K-MAX AS Hip Screw 2

This is a new generation internal fixation device for trochanteric fracture. The angle between lag-screw and plate can be adjusted and fixed at any angle between 125 and 145.

Bi-Surface® Total Knee System

This product has been developed to achieve restoration of normal physiological functions including better post-operative flexion. It has a bi-surface® structure and its unique design with ball and socket makes stable flexion mobility possible.

LFA Total Knee System

This is a total knee system which has been developed with the concept of low friction by utilizing ceramic technology. It has an anatomical design based on the measured data of Oriental knee joints including their cross-sectional shape.

Physio-Shoulder System

This product has been designed as a humeral-head replacement based on the analysis of measured data of the Oriental humeral head as well as cartilage. It also can be used as a total shoulder joint replacement by combining it with a glenoid component.

TNK Ankle

This product is a total ankle joint replacement with alumina bead coating which is made possible with our fine ceramic technology.

J Alumina Ceramic Elbow / MNSK Total Elbow Joint

J Alumina Ceramic Elbow is a total elbow replacement, which has been developed based on the measured data of Oriental elbow joints. Two types of product, left and right, are available to achieve ideal reconstruction of the alignment.

MNSK Total Elbow Joint is a total elbow replacement which has been developed based on the X-ray measurements of RA elbows and research on the mechanism of bone destruction.

KLS System

This product is a limb salvage system consisting of modular components. Several types of products are available including proximal femurs, distal femurs, total femurs and proximal humeri.


This is a material for filling bone defects which is made of synthesized hydroxyapatite, a primary inorganic composition of natural bone. It is formed into either porous blocks or granules.